Music that needs to be used in a Commercial or Movie Trailer.

Some songs are just made for commercials.

For instance, Phoenix’s “1901”

Or Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over”

These are songs that have that cinematic feel. They have the attitude that can carry a commercial. Whether it be a badass Coen brothers movie (Lykke Li?), the newest indie production about a young man returning home and finding himself, or something (Lookin’ at you, Family of the Year and Local Natives), I think these songs would be great in trailers.

Chugjug by Family of the Year

Get Some by Lykke Li

More insights after the jump…

Stranger Things by Local Natives

Forever by Walter Meego: It just has ambiguous appeal that would fit in most anything.

California Sunrise by Dirty Gold: Totally for a meaningful commercial about some social or environmental movement. Imagine a soothing voiced guy telling you about how the new technology from their company is saving the planet, all over the smooth jams of the song. Tell me that wouldn’t work.

No Strings by Mayer Hawthorne: not quite sure, but man is it a great song.


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