Brown Paper Ticket brief

Yesterday I was going through the ticket buying process (something I’ve been doing much more of since moving back to Portland) and once again was faced with a 30% increase in cost from initial price to checkout, all through fees. On a separate note, I went to a concert last week and once again felt like that experience immediately became a set-in-stone thing of the past.

What this resulted in was a brief that I made for fun last night (yeah… really). Comments welcome: I put it together somewhat quickly, and am still searching to see if there’s a site that already has filled this niche. And the SMIT needs work, but hopefully it gets the point across.

Also, stay tuned for a multi-part walkthrough of a pretty cool campaign. Been working on it on and off for awhile, and it’s just about ready.


3 thoughts on “Brown Paper Ticket brief

  1. Hey Jamie! Good idea. First concern: do the big guys like TicketMaster have exclusive contracts with venues and/or promoters? To say another way, is there even a possibility to compete? Second, think about your SMIT 🙂 in terms of what that relationship (hint) means to the concert goer. Of course I couldn’t let a brief go by without a bit of critique! Also, who is your target…obviously concert goers but is it a ‘frequency’ thing? Like if I go to more than one concert a month, do I want this service more or less?

  2. Can I just say: I love your big idea. It’s always the big ideas that come first – the value you’re offering the consumer through *a brand that serves them.* If you can figure that out, it’ll almost certainly be commercially viable.
    Plus, I love that you’re obsessive enough to do this in your free time. 🙂

  3. As much as people on Facebook said that Facebook does this, I can definitely imagine this is a niche that needs filling. Could also be a resource for the performers themselves, if they’re looking for feedback/interaction/photos/whatever. What I like most, though, is the idea of a ticket vendor that doesn’t just care about you buying a ticket, but about you having a good time—I don’t get that impression from Ticketmaster.

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