[tribal house free dl] Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar

I have trouble picking a way to describe what the music of Nicolas Jaar, a 24-year-old New York based artist, reminds me of. So here’s a brainstorm:

  • Soundtrack for a modern remake of 100 Years of Solitude
  • The amateur prep/planning scene from a Wes Anderson film.
  • Bank robbing montage
  • Tribal/organic/voodoo-spell house music party
  • Music you can use to make whatever you’re doing seem cooler than it really is.

Below is a playlist of my top picks of his tunes (with two free downloads). Also check out his new song with Sasha Spielberg (Steven Spielberg’s daughter, who does this apparently) for Record Store Day here.

  1. Nicolas Jaar – Mi Mujer
  2. Nicolas Jaar – El Bandido
  3. XINOBI – Nicolas Jaar – And I Say (Xinobi Edit) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  4. Nicolas Jaar & Theatre Roosevelt – The Ego [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  5. Chet Faker – Terms And Conditions (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
  6. No Regular Play – Owe Me (Nicolas Jaar mix)


Poke through his website to find out more or just to see a pretty nicely done website.


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