[RnB Remixes] Miguel, Drake, Frank Ocean, Usher

Miguel murder jump

This image was already titled ‘Miguel Murder’ and like, yeah ok.

Pulled together a playlist of my favorite top 40 remixes of late, most are free DLs. Happy weekend y’all, try not to do that thing that Miguel is doing.

[Free DL] Adorn (TOKiMONTSA Remix) TOKiMONSTA does a very smooth, echoey dance remix of Miguel, while leaving them vocals intact.


[Free DL] Frank Ocean – Thinkin’ Bout You (Lonsdale Boys Club Remix) Posted this a long time ago but it’s still one of the best takes on this song. Sped way up and given a ridiculous bassline, Lonsdale did this song right.


Drake – Doing it Wrong (Figgy Remix) Completely different vibe on this by about 1 minute into this song – very groovy yet mellow.


[Free DL] Adorn (Star Slinger Remix) Star Slinger goes full-on house for his remix of Adorn. One of my favorites.


[Free DL] Usher – Climax (Figgy Remix) Hard to top the original for what it was, so Figgy takes this one in a more energetic direction with a house remix. Really like the repetition of Usher’s voice in the background there.


[Free DL] Drake – Pound Cake (TonyTone Remix) makes good use of the vocal sample, pretty much drops Drake entirely from the song and creates a pretty big nu-disco version of the original (or as he has tagged it – ‘euphoric yacht music’). Pretty much what I’ve come to expect of WallflowerFood.



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