[free DLs] end of week party jams

beataucue kyllan belarbi remix

Or: Songs Jamie wishes he could hear while out somewhere this weekend. Bunch of free downloads, too.

[FREE DOWNLOAD] First is a Kitsune Maison release, pretty hard hitting house tune. Download thanks to Find New Jams.


Next up is from Marc Kinchen, or MK, with a phenomenal take on HAIM’s ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’. Really kicks into gear a little after the two minute mark.


Then we’ve got two pop-powerhouse songs given extremely danceable overhauls. If the originals weren’t your thing, these just might be. From what I can tell they are the only songs out by Gryffin, and I’m very much looking forward to more. Free downloads to boot.


[FREE DOWNLOAD] Really creative remix of Stevie Wonder’s Superstition by Autograf. That beat drop at 2:20 mm-mmm.


[FREE DOWNLOAD] Remix of Mapei’s ‘Don’t Wait’ by Cranks.


And this one because Russ Chimes.


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