Ben Khan is the Jai Paul the internet needs right now

Ben_Khan (1)

For any frustrated/left hanging/confused fans of the enigmatic Jai Paul, Ben Khan is a suitable substitute that actually seems to put out music. And yes, pretty much everywhere Ben Khan is written about he’s compared to Jai Paul but the similarities are too strong to ignore – fuzzed out synths, Law & Order guitar plucks, tweaked to being almost unrecognizable horns and wobbly, lo-fi soul-filled vocals.

The 1992 EP begins with a Twin Shadow-esque tune that happens to be the most poppy of his released songs, followed by my current favorite Savages, followed by the dark and (maybe) elephant-sampling song Eden. The final, Drive (Part 1), certainly could have amazingly soundtracked the film of the same name.

The EP will be released May 5th – in the meantime check out his tumblr here.

P.S. doing some upgrades to the blog, in the process of moving off the wordpress domain. More on that soon.


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