Something visual

Don’t see many music videos nowadays, and generally even less that are actually compelling. For today, though, I wanted to share a couple of videos I’ve come across recently.

Loved the original, and The Knocks’ remix does the song justice – still get an overarching sadness from listening to this song, which doesn’t really make sense, but the nostalgic super 8mm video fits the distorted vocals and feel of the song nicely.


Kiesza’s video for her number 1 pop-house song (in the UK) is a single-take dance through the streets of Brooklyn. It’s not perfect, and apparently she had a broken rib while filming, but it’s goofy enough and the ‘ooh! aah!’ chorus has been stuck in my head for way too long to not have it posted on here.


Coldplay premiered new music from their coming May album with this video – I find it substantially better than either of the other tunes they’ve showed (collaboration with Avicii – yikes) and the video is pretty visually striking. And yes, they employed some vocal effects that Bon Iver is known for, don’t know why everyone freaked out and said they stole his sound though.


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