In which I implore you to listen to Tourist


I’ve had some trouble trying to figure out how to write about Tourist. I don’t think I’ve ever felt the need to pitch an artist as much as I do with him, or so desperately wanted everyone I know to give someone a listen. And this has been going on for years (#tbt to Volcano City days)  Figured the best thing to do, as in most cases like this, is to pull together a playlist and hope that someone presses play.

Given that, I will say one thing – Tourist has this incredible ability to slowly build a song for nearly its entire duration, eeking out bits of sounds and melodies at such a deliberate pace that you have to wait for the last minute-and-a-half for the payoff of the full, completed song. He does this with the majority of his songs and I’ve never seen an artist master this so adeptly – check out his remix of CHVRCHES for a perfect example.

So this playlist begins with his newest release Patterns, a future-garage track that stands out with vocals and backing chorus, then hops around between year-old releases and his stellar reworks of CHVRCHES and HAIM.


And if you’re so inclined you can also find him on Spotify.


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