A touch of Indie

A Touch of Indie

While most of my sources of new music are heavily biased towards electronic, I still find myself coming across a handful of quality material from other genres—the hypem.com popular charts usually do their job sorting out up-and-coming indie rock and pop, and that’s where today’s material comes from.

The first song’s vocals, from newcomer J M R, is so reminiscent of Bombay Bicycle Club it was worth a quick search to see if it was a side project. Following that is a beautiful Icelandic song from Vök, carried by smooth sax (?) and a phenomenally catchy chorus. The third song, Magpie, carries strong Jonsi vibes mixed with a tinge of dead-pan Snowden singing, and finally we’ve got Young Fathers’ I Heard. The song’s wonderfully simple production and overall Beirut-ish feel outweighs the iffy spoken word second verse.

  1. J M R – Pioneer of your Heart
  2. Vök – Before
  3. K H U S H I – Magpie
  4. Young Fathers – I Heard

The last two tracks were previously written about here.


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