Throwback Thursday

Le Youth C O O L Chordashian Lane 8

image via CacheMonet

Over the last two to three years there have been some formative songs that triggered interest in, or perfectly define, one of the genres covered here on Esthetick—house, nu-disco, electronic pop, trap, tribal, etc. And since the current iteration of this blog is so recent and thus has missed out on supporting them in a timely manner, today’s post kicks off a weekly effort to create a full list of the best-but-maybe-overlooked tunes from this decade.

This week’s edition is filed under indie dance, covering landmark artists throughout my slow introduction to indie house and nu-disco.

Chordashian offers the most upbeat experience of the bunch (and the most free downloads), subtly leveraging Madonna and Lana Del Rey samples for engrossing and entirely danceable house music. Le Youth’s very successful C O O L incorporates Cassie’s ‘Me & You’ vocals, and managed to launch and grow as the nostalgic appreciation for mid-aughts and 90’s RnB vocalists emerged. And at the tail end of the list is Lane 8, who has been on the rise since his early Soundcloud days thanks to his consistently moody-yet-catchy style of electronic.


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