Trails and Ways bringing (free) world pop to Portland 5/18

Trails and Ways Nunca Mtn Tune Border Crosser

Not a bad way to spend an evening: Trails and Ways is bringing their self-described ‘bossa nova dream pop’ to Rontoms Sunday, May 18th for a free show. The indie-pop quartet has been on the radar since their Air France-esque single Nunca gained prominence in the summer of 2012, and have since provided excellent sounds to lift your spirits and prepare you for summer. Their music is mostly heard on their EP Trilingual, which earns its name with vocals sung in English, Spanish and Portuguese. You’ll likely end up with a strong desire to get out of the country by the end of it.

Also – the last song on the list is a cover of Ghost Beach’s Miracle, delivering something close to beach-arena-pop-anthem. It’s uplifting to an extreme.

Nunca  Border Crosser  Mtn Tune  Miracle (Ghost Beach Cover) 


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