K Stewart on the rise

K Stewart

The virtually un-googleable K Stewart popped up on the feed yesterday thanks to her recent collaboration with the young, immensely talented UK dance producer Karma Kid. Their combined efforts yield the song Speechless: a 90s RnB inspired, Banks-esque, future-soul wonder. Below that is her first collaboration with Karma Kid, Tell Me ‘Bout That, which is one of the most swanky, inspired productions that’s been released this year.

Her appearance on TCTS’s deep house tune Games is not to be overlooked, either: K Stewart’s vocals are quite a force to be included on any song.



End of week party jams: “if you like Disclosure” edition


This week’s end of week playlist edition is short and sweet. Two artists on display – Lxury and XO. Lxury broke onto the scene last fall with the track J.A.W.S., produced with Disclosure. While his subsequent releases have been few and far between, each has thoroughly impressed by delivering the same mass appeal layered on top of compelling creativity.

XO is an 18-year-old UK producer (of course) whose sound is strikingly similar to that of Disclosure—in the best possible way. The tune What’s Luv‘s use of female vocalist infused with pop and future garage styles is reminiscent of Disclosure’s collaboration with AlunaGeorge or Eliza Doolittle, while Old Skool‘s sample-repetition and deep house vibes begs (very positive) comparisons to When a Fire Starts to Burn or Grab Her!

And since Disclosure’s ‘Latch’ is continuing to rise on the U.S. Hot 100 chart, it’ll be good to have a few extra backups handy.


End of week playlist: Tribal Jungle Trap Rave?

Jungle Trap Tribal Bass Electronic Future Ambient

With so many variations and iterations of electronic music genres, and no real authority on the matter, it’s hard to nail down exactly what to title a group of songs that just feel like they go together. In this instance I was grouping the likes of Yahtzel, L D R U, Flume, Hermitude and Palace (whom I’ve previously written a post on) all together, and I came across monikers like tribal trap, trapical music, jungle trap and Flume-step. Yikes.

The problem I run in to is that these titles don’t really mean anything to people who aren’t already in-the-know on that genre. So I’ll keep on including genre titles, but quite often I think a description of the feeling of the playlist might do better.

The first song on the list, Flume’s remix of Hermitude’s ‘Hyperparadise’, exemplifies the style and is one of my absolute favorite tracks from the last two years. That song, as well as the rest of this list, is slow but energetic, very big sounding electronic that gets me thinking tropics, jungles, and rave—heavy bass and drops laden with marimbas, steel drums, jungle bug samples and pitched up vocals. (Bonus: all the Yahtzel songs are free to download, as are the ones from Palace.)

[electronic soul] Chet Faker

Chet Faker, chet faker remix, chet faker 1998, chet faker nicolas jaar, chet faker bobby tank

Nicholas Murphy, who goes by stage name Chet Faker, released his debut album Built on Glass last Friday, after consistently picking up steam for about two years since his cover of Blackstreet’s No Diggity and his collaborations with fellow Australian big-shot Flume. There were a couple stand out songs from the album, which I’ve included in a playlist with two remixes in case you’ve already listened through.

  1. 1998 – more house-y tune than most of the album.
  2. Talk is Cheap – rhodes and sax and rhodes and sax. Sounds Law & Order inspired.
  3. Melt ft. Kilo Kish
  4. Flume & Chet Faker – Left Alone (Bobby Tank Remix) A very future-y remix of their collaboration from Flume’s album.
  5. Terms And Conditions (Nicolas Jaar Remix) which I posted previously here.


And if you’re into that Spotify thing, stream his album here.

[future] Moscow based 813

813 Alexander Goryachev The Whaler Espoir Voyage

Moscow based 813, real name Alexander Goryachev, is apparently a firefighter who also spends his time creating frenetic-future-club music. It’s high energy, near-ADD sounding stuff that continues to impress me the more I listen. The first song I heard made me realize I have an affinity for unintelligible vocal samples – at 1:27 an amazing chorus kicks that I completely do not understand. I picked out a couple of other favorites and put them in a playlist below:

  1. 813 – The Whaler featuring ON-THE-GO
  2. 813 – Espoir Voyage
  3. The Other Side and Deech – Parametric (813 remix)
  4. 813 – Glitter Sand