[single serving] Tycho – See (Beacon Remix)

Tycho - See (Beacon Remix)

Beacon delivers a phenomenal vocal track over the remix of Tycho’s See.


End of the week playlist: daytime edition

daytime weekend playlist house indie haim banks

While the average end of the week playlist here focuses on sounds you would seek out from the hours of 9pm to 3am, this one should be able to carry you through everything in between. It’s a smattering of things with the common theme of an absurdly catchy chorus: a breezy Kygo remix with one of the best vocal-chopping hooks you’ll hear,  a funky pop tune seemingly from another era brought to you by UK lady group JUCE, a couple of heartbreakers from the HAIM-esque Shura, finished off with Banks’ newest jam. This is tested-and-true park-lounging music.

Bonus tropical chill remix of Swedish House Mafia’s ONE. What!

Tycho masters the audio/visual experience

Never have an artist’s visual and aural collections so perfectly worked together. Scott Hansen, known as the musician Tycho and as the designer ISO50, couples his washed-out, pastel-tinged prints and photography with the ambient downtempo sounds as a perfect pairing.

This might be best exemplified by the video for Ascension, which is used for visuals during the Tycho live performance:

Below are two songs from his most recent album, which was the first record from Tycho employing a full band.  While you’re listening, check out the handful of his visual offerings below (more can be found at ISO50).