End of the week playlist – Throwback remixes

Ludacris  Remix, Mario  Remix, Indeep Remix, Lucy Pearl Remix, Brandy Remix, Lemarquis

LeMarquis gives a chill, deep and sometimes pretty minimal makeover to the likes of Ludacris, Mario, Brandy, Indeep and Lucy Pearl. Not to mention they are all free for download.


End of the week playlist: Grandtheft

grandtheft trap jersey club edm deep house

Portland welcomes Toronto based DJ and producer Grandtheft tonight at downtown’s Whiskey Bar. With him will come a spate of dance music genres that are bound to elicit a couple of “HEY” chants from the crowd  – a sampling of his songs have been added to the Pump U playlist, listen below for trap (Technicolor edit, Keep it 100 ), jersey club (Heavy Hitterz), big room (Close remix) and some top notch top 40 remixes.

The Dealer’s got your weekend supply

Extremely danceable, steel drums and saxophone present, a Lana Del Rey remix and less than 10,000 plays on each tune means you’re going into the weekend armed with something fresh. The newest additions to the weekend playlist are from The Dealer, which you can listen to below And if you’re looking for somewhere to get moving to more sounds like this, check out the event beneath the playlist for Main Squeeze at Holocene Saturday May 31.

Main Squeeze Holocene May 31 Portland Events Dance House DJ Show


End of week playlist: Tribal Jungle Trap Rave?

Jungle Trap Tribal Bass Electronic Future Ambient

With so many variations and iterations of electronic music genres, and no real authority on the matter, it’s hard to nail down exactly what to title a group of songs that just feel like they go together. In this instance I was grouping the likes of Yahtzel, L D R U, Flume, Hermitude and Palace (whom I’ve previously written a post on) all together, and I came across monikers like tribal trap, trapical music, jungle trap and Flume-step. Yikes.

The problem I run in to is that these titles don’t really mean anything to people who aren’t already in-the-know on that genre. So I’ll keep on including genre titles, but quite often I think a description of the feeling of the playlist might do better.

The first song on the list, Flume’s remix of Hermitude’s ‘Hyperparadise’, exemplifies the style and is one of my absolute favorite tracks from the last two years. That song, as well as the rest of this list, is slow but energetic, very big sounding electronic that gets me thinking tropics, jungles, and rave—heavy bass and drops laden with marimbas, steel drums, jungle bug samples and pitched up vocals. (Bonus: all the Yahtzel songs are free to download, as are the ones from Palace.)

In which I implore you to listen to Tourist


I’ve had some trouble trying to figure out how to write about Tourist. I don’t think I’ve ever felt the need to pitch an artist as much as I do with him, or so desperately wanted everyone I know to give someone a listen. And this has been going on for years (#tbt to Volcano City days)  Figured the best thing to do, as in most cases like this, is to pull together a playlist and hope that someone presses play.

Given that, I will say one thing – Tourist has this incredible ability to slowly build a song for nearly its entire duration, eeking out bits of sounds and melodies at such a deliberate pace that you have to wait for the last minute-and-a-half for the payoff of the full, completed song. He does this with the majority of his songs and I’ve never seen an artist master this so adeptly – check out his remix of CHVRCHES for a perfect example.

So this playlist begins with his newest release Patterns, a future-garage track that stands out with vocals and backing chorus, then hops around between year-old releases and his stellar reworks of CHVRCHES and HAIM.


And if you’re so inclined you can also find him on Spotify.