[single serving] Autograf remixes Lorde

Autograf jumps into the tropical house vibe with their remix of Lorde’s Team. While it doesn’t quite capture that genre defying creativity of the Stevie Wonder Superstition remix, the production remains top notch.


Goldroom makes you feel like a sunset

Goldroom Till Sunrise Nu Disco  Indie Dance

Goldroom has been at the forefront of the Nu Disco and Indie Dance scene since first exploding onto the blog scene with the bongo-laden Morgan’s Bay in 2011. In addition to touting one of the most ear-wormy guitar hooks you’ll hear, it earned LA producer Josh Legg a spot on the blog charts with each subsequent release.

On Monday he put out his latest release, Till Sunrise, which seemed as good a time as ever to put assemble a playlist of some of his best originals and remixes. Expect a lot of warm, padded synths, disco-inspired basslines, liberal marimba usage and unspeakably catchy choruses.

And yes, upon seeing that Goldroom image you may have an idea of where the inspiration for the Esthetick header came from.

End of the week playlist: daytime edition

daytime weekend playlist house indie haim banks

While the average end of the week playlist here focuses on sounds you would seek out from the hours of 9pm to 3am, this one should be able to carry you through everything in between. It’s a smattering of things with the common theme of an absurdly catchy chorus: a breezy Kygo remix with one of the best vocal-chopping hooks you’ll hear,  a funky pop tune seemingly from another era brought to you by UK lady group JUCE, a couple of heartbreakers from the HAIM-esque Shura, finished off with Banks’ newest jam. This is tested-and-true park-lounging music.

Bonus tropical chill remix of Swedish House Mafia’s ONE. What!

La Roux’s Return

La Roux Trouble in Paradise Tropical Chancer Uptight Downtown

La Roux released her third new song in in last 30 days yesterday—each one confirming that she’s able to update her sound from her 2009 debut while still sounding very much La Roux. The newest song released yesterday, Tropical Chancer, is an astoundingly catchy tropical disco number. The new album, Trouble in Paradise, will be out July 7th.

Tropical Chancer 

Uptight Downtown 

Let Me Down Gently 

Uptight Downtown (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) 

Swimming Pool/Daytime Disco

Daytime Disco Poolside LUXXURY Goldroom Rotkraft lntg

If yesterday’s fuzzed out sounds from Jungle didn’t quite satiate your need for sitting-around-in-the-sun music, then go ahead and try on this hour of slow-jam disco. Grab your favorite wine cooler and portable speakers and go get your sunburn on.

A couple of notes: 1. The first two songs are from my personal favorite mixtape of all time, Goldroom’s Sole Fixtape 7 and in tandem they were made for vacations. 2. A well-done edit of The Bee Gees can never go wrong and 3. The nine-minute re-imagination of Toto’s Africa to cap off this playlist is deserving of its self-described epicness.

Trails and Ways bringing (free) world pop to Portland 5/18

Trails and Ways Nunca Mtn Tune Border Crosser

Not a bad way to spend an evening: Trails and Ways is bringing their self-described ‘bossa nova dream pop’ to Rontoms Sunday, May 18th for a free show. The indie-pop quartet has been on the radar since their Air France-esque single Nunca gained prominence in the summer of 2012, and have since provided excellent sounds to lift your spirits and prepare you for summer. Their music is mostly heard on their EP Trilingual, which earns its name with vocals sung in English, Spanish and Portuguese. You’ll likely end up with a strong desire to get out of the country by the end of it.

Also – the last song on the list is a cover of Ghost Beach’s Miracle, delivering something close to beach-arena-pop-anthem. It’s uplifting to an extreme.

Nunca  Border Crosser  Mtn Tune  Miracle (Ghost Beach Cover) 

End of week playlist: Tribal Jungle Trap Rave?

Jungle Trap Tribal Bass Electronic Future Ambient

With so many variations and iterations of electronic music genres, and no real authority on the matter, it’s hard to nail down exactly what to title a group of songs that just feel like they go together. In this instance I was grouping the likes of Yahtzel, L D R U, Flume, Hermitude and Palace (whom I’ve previously written a post on) all together, and I came across monikers like tribal trap, trapical music, jungle trap and Flume-step. Yikes.

The problem I run in to is that these titles don’t really mean anything to people who aren’t already in-the-know on that genre. So I’ll keep on including genre titles, but quite often I think a description of the feeling of the playlist might do better.

The first song on the list, Flume’s remix of Hermitude’s ‘Hyperparadise’, exemplifies the style and is one of my absolute favorite tracks from the last two years. That song, as well as the rest of this list, is slow but energetic, very big sounding electronic that gets me thinking tropics, jungles, and rave—heavy bass and drops laden with marimbas, steel drums, jungle bug samples and pitched up vocals. (Bonus: all the Yahtzel songs are free to download, as are the ones from Palace.)