Song of the weekend – LANY – ILYSB (Ferdinand Weber Remix)

LANY - ILYSB (Ferdinand Weber Remix) indie dance house

Aside from the original regrettable lyric “and you need to know / that I’m hella obsessed with your face,” Ferdinand Weber’s remix of LANY’s ILYSB is a perfectly crafted indie-dance song.


End of the week playlist: gonna give it to ya straight


No theme, no frills, no dissatisfaction here. This here is just made for your Friday night.

Starting off with the latest high-energy disco house song from Solidisco (which infectiously makes use of that instantly recognizable yet unidentifiable “woop woop” sample), followed by some top-notch Belarbi remixes and a hard-hitting but overwhelmingly positive remix of Bound 2, this selection will not do you wrong. Might even make you feel like that picture right up there.

End of the week playlist: daytime edition

daytime weekend playlist house indie haim banks

While the average end of the week playlist here focuses on sounds you would seek out from the hours of 9pm to 3am, this one should be able to carry you through everything in between. It’s a smattering of things with the common theme of an absurdly catchy chorus: a breezy Kygo remix with one of the best vocal-chopping hooks you’ll hear,  a funky pop tune seemingly from another era brought to you by UK lady group JUCE, a couple of heartbreakers from the HAIM-esque Shura, finished off with Banks’ newest jam. This is tested-and-true park-lounging music.

Bonus tropical chill remix of Swedish House Mafia’s ONE. What!

Throwback Thursday: Health – USA Boys

Back in 2010, LA band HEALTH was having a moment. Their release of the raw-synth laden USA Boys fit right in with the likes of Crystal Castles and has managed to stand the test of time, being both an on-trend tune at its release and an equally compelling listen four years later. Around the same time they released a remix album, with equally great results. One standout was the remix of Nice Girls by Little Loud, who eventually became Tourist, which has one of the most overwhelmingly euphoric second-acts you’ll ever here.


HEALTH – Heat (Javelin Remix)

Swimming Pool/Daytime Disco

Daytime Disco Poolside LUXXURY Goldroom Rotkraft lntg

If yesterday’s fuzzed out sounds from Jungle didn’t quite satiate your need for sitting-around-in-the-sun music, then go ahead and try on this hour of slow-jam disco. Grab your favorite wine cooler and portable speakers and go get your sunburn on.

A couple of notes: 1. The first two songs are from my personal favorite mixtape of all time, Goldroom’s Sole Fixtape 7 and in tandem they were made for vacations. 2. A well-done edit of The Bee Gees can never go wrong and 3. The nine-minute re-imagination of Toto’s Africa to cap off this playlist is deserving of its self-described epicness.

Tycho masters the audio/visual experience

Never have an artist’s visual and aural collections so perfectly worked together. Scott Hansen, known as the musician Tycho and as the designer ISO50, couples his washed-out, pastel-tinged prints and photography with the ambient downtempo sounds as a perfect pairing.

This might be best exemplified by the video for Ascension, which is used for visuals during the Tycho live performance:

Below are two songs from his most recent album, which was the first record from Tycho employing a full band.  While you’re listening, check out the handful of his visual offerings below (more can be found at ISO50).





Throwback Thursday – Beautiful House

rundown warehouse lights

OR: 3am post-party sippin’ liquor playlist. Made up of the wonderful Satin Jackets, Chris Malinchak, Route 94, Wayward and capped off from a garage tune from Atlas, this collection of tracks from over the last two years will get you to move in the most positive, pleasant and mellow way possible.