Goldroom makes you feel like a sunset

Goldroom Till Sunrise Nu Disco  Indie Dance

Goldroom has been at the forefront of the Nu Disco and Indie Dance scene since first exploding onto the blog scene with the bongo-laden Morgan’s Bay in 2011. In addition to touting one of the most ear-wormy guitar hooks you’ll hear, it earned LA producer Josh Legg a spot on the blog charts with each subsequent release.

On Monday he put out his latest release, Till Sunrise, which seemed as good a time as ever to put assemble a playlist of some of his best originals and remixes. Expect a lot of warm, padded synths, disco-inspired basslines, liberal marimba usage and unspeakably catchy choruses.

And yes, upon seeing that Goldroom image you may have an idea of where the inspiration for the Esthetick header came from.