Throwback Thursday: Health – USA Boys

Back in 2010, LA band HEALTH was having a moment. Their release of the raw-synth laden USA Boys fit right in with the likes of Crystal Castles and has managed to stand the test of time, being both an on-trend tune at its release and an equally compelling listen four years later. Around the same time they released a remix album, with equally great results. One standout was the remix of Nice Girls by Little Loud, who eventually became Tourist, which has one of the most overwhelmingly euphoric second-acts you’ll ever here.


HEALTH – Heat (Javelin Remix)


Tourist/Little Loud

Little Loud, or Tourist (which appears to be the moniker he’s currently using for original material) is an artist based out of Brighton, UK. First came across his music through his rendition of Health’s ‘Nice Girls’ on their second remix album. Little Loud’s style is bubbly, ridiculously upbeat, synth-heavy remixes that generously build on the vocals of the originals. They also have a tendency to add in a new melody/sound/element 2/3 of the way into the song that takes it to a whole new level.

Little Loud – Placid Acid

Little Loud – Jupiter

And a song of his that’s been around for awhile, one of my favorite remixes ever.

Memory Tapes – Bicycle (Little Loud Remix)

Check out the rest of his work on his soundcloud.